Citizen Charter


De - Congestion Proposals for Jammu City

Widening of road Bikram Chowk-Satwari-Air Port to 6-lane


Estimated Cost

Expenditure 03/2009


= 4.63      Km

= 25.79   Crores

= 7.257    Crores

i) Addl. lane with covered footpath

ii) Notice under Sec. 4 issued. Objections received & fresh indent for acquisition proceedings shall be initiated.

iii) Compensation of Rs. 3.85 Crores

deposited with collector

iv) No of Strs. 149


Widening of Dennis Gate to D.C. office road to 4-lane


Estimated Cost

Expenditure 03/2009


=   1.65   Km

=   13.50 Crores

=     5.69 Crores

i) 0.625 Km widening Complete

ii) Notification under Sec. 9 & 9A issued on 18.06.2009. Finalization of draft award under process,

iii) Compensation of Rs. 2.00 Crores

deposited with Collector

iv) No of Strs./Shops 258

Traffic Signal System for Jammu City

Expression of Interest for detailed traffic survey of road crossings in Jammu City (35 road crossing/Chowks) invited.

Const, of four lane 750mtr. Span pre-stressed bridge, down stream of the existing bridge, over River Tawi at Jammu(4th bridge on river Tawi)


Allocation 2009-10


= Rs. 88.40 Crores

= Rs. 12.00 Crores

= Work assigned to JKPCC
Tendering process for survey consultancy, soil testing, preparation of DPR initiated


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